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March 24, 2012

“If you want to make enemies, try to change something.”

~Woodrow Wilson


Many of you who have followed the blog, or my twitter know that I have been a
hard Rick Santorum supporter from the beginning. Since the debates started I
thought that he had the best ideas and visions for this great country. I liked
a lot of the candidates throughout, but Santorum always stood out above the
rest. Lately, I do not get that feeling anymore.

What was once a strong support for Santorum, from me, has birthed into a vote
for Mitt Romney. What caused this change you might ask? Well weeks of the same
old same old. The reason I never wanted to be for Gingrich was after he
attacked Romney on Bain. I took that as an assault on Capitalism. Then it
seemed Newt didn’t care to win, just that he wanted Romney to fail. Why was he
so worried about Romney? Why couldn’t he put his efforts into defeating Obama?
That I do not know.

Now Rick Santorum is falling into the same web. From constantly bragging about
how he is not attacking anyone and his focus is solely on Obama. He started
with putting way too much effort into all of the social issues. This bugged me
a lot. I have my stance on social issues, but social issues will not choose a
candidate for me. I want to know what he is going to do to get this country
back on top. That I rarely heard anymore. Then it went to “Romney is
outspending me, how can I possibly win.” Well Obama is gonna more than Triple
what Romney is spending so toughen up. And why the complaining? More people
send money to Romney, well then get your message out to more people. Romney was
more successful and has more money? That’s called life. Then to drop to Newt’s
level and start calling Mitt the etch-a-sketch candidate? What is this 5th
grade? And then to say the if Romney wins the nominee it won’t be much
different than a vote for Obama. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

I really wanted Santorum to win, but honestly now, I don’t think he is ready to
hold the office of President of the United States. This is the greatest country
in the world. I would give my life for it. I want it run by the candidate best
suited to keep us free. I no longer believe Rick Santorum is the answer. I
will now be supporting and voting for Mitt Romney.

My primary is in one week.





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