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A Quick Trio

February 25, 2012

“It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”
~ George Washington

I just wanted to express 3 things that have been on my mind as of late.

1) Church and State
First, what President Obama is doing to our freedom of religion is atrocious.  Even considering the fact of forcing the Catholic Church to provide and pay for something that it stands so strong against, is chilling.  This completely kills the Constitution, but really does anyone really think Obama cares about the Constitution?  Probably not, so there is no point in even pointing that out.

Then to go after Rick Santorum for his beliefs, because of a video of him 4 years ago, in a Catholic church, to Catholics?  This president and his administration are just plain unconstitutional.

2) Newt and Santorum

I don’t know why Romney and Ron were teaming up on Santorum this past debate, but late speculations say Romney is going to ask Rand Paul to run for VP.  What a joke!  I have always had Mitt Romney as a backup candidate, and thought he’d make a good president and would beat Barack Obama, just not the most conservative.  Now I am just disgusted by the things he does.  I understand that in the primaries anything goes, but pouring millions into attack ads, and making side deals to get Ron Paul’s votes is just ridiculous.  Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are so far away from one another on most issues.  I guess it isn’t a real surprise, I’ve noticed, and many have, that they have been civil to one another from the beginning.
Initially I liked Newt,  I liked his aggressiveness and his ability to debate with facts.  Then it seemed he took the road of not caring whether he won or not, just as long as Romney didn’t, and it showed with terrible finishes in 3 straight primaries/caucuses.  I especially hated that he attacked Romney on Bain, I think that was a direct attack on Capitalism, and that’s a foundation of conservatism.   Now I believe Newt is back to the Newt he was a few months ago, when he won South Carolina.

Everyone is aware I think Rick Santorum would be the best choice for this country.

Lately, after Mitt Romney has been in bed with Ron Paul, and seems Romney has taken the negative ad route on Santorum.  This negative ad game is just dumb, plain stupid.  I’m tired of it.  Stick to your beliefs and your issues and how you would do the complete opposite of President Obama.  Stop attacking one another because it is doing nothing for this party.

I still fully believe all 3 would be 100% better than out current president, but I think I am falling off of the “kind of like” Romney train.  I like Rick’s latest surge in the polls and I think it will last, I think Americans are tired of the name calling and like Rick sticking to the issues.  I do like Newt Gingrich’s last performance in the debate, he stuck to the issues and his beliefs and I’m starting get back to my Newt soft spot.

3)Oil, Oil, Oil

Re-hashing from my last post a bit.  Yesterday Barack Obama delivered a speech about gas prices.  He and his administration to no blame for the increasing gas prices. Surprised?  He then went on to take credit for his increasing efforts with domestic drilling.

After declining the Keystone XL Pipeline, refusing to let us drill on shore, and refusing to let us drill off shore he takes credit for what?

I don’t know what is going through this President’s mind, but it is not in the best interest of this country.  We need to remove him from office and get this country back working again, and reduce our dependency on foreign oil.  Especially with all of the nonsense happening over there, now is as good a time as ever to drill here, and get this Keystone Pipeline in America.



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