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“If you want to make enemies, try to change something.”

~Woodrow Wilson


Many of you who have followed the blog, or my twitter know that I have been a
hard Rick Santorum supporter from the beginning. Since the debates started I
thought that he had the best ideas and visions for this great country. I liked
a lot of the candidates throughout, but Santorum always stood out above the
rest. Lately, I do not get that feeling anymore.

What was once a strong support for Santorum, from me, has birthed into a vote
for Mitt Romney. What caused this change you might ask? Well weeks of the same
old same old. The reason I never wanted to be for Gingrich was after he
attacked Romney on Bain. I took that as an assault on Capitalism. Then it
seemed Newt didn’t care to win, just that he wanted Romney to fail. Why was he
so worried about Romney? Why couldn’t he put his efforts into defeating Obama?
That I do not know.

Now Rick Santorum is falling into the same web. From constantly bragging about
how he is not attacking anyone and his focus is solely on Obama. He started
with putting way too much effort into all of the social issues. This bugged me
a lot. I have my stance on social issues, but social issues will not choose a
candidate for me. I want to know what he is going to do to get this country
back on top. That I rarely heard anymore. Then it went to “Romney is
outspending me, how can I possibly win.” Well Obama is gonna more than Triple
what Romney is spending so toughen up. And why the complaining? More people
send money to Romney, well then get your message out to more people. Romney was
more successful and has more money? That’s called life. Then to drop to Newt’s
level and start calling Mitt the etch-a-sketch candidate? What is this 5th
grade? And then to say the if Romney wins the nominee it won’t be much
different than a vote for Obama. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

I really wanted Santorum to win, but honestly now, I don’t think he is ready to
hold the office of President of the United States. This is the greatest country
in the world. I would give my life for it. I want it run by the candidate best
suited to keep us free. I no longer believe Rick Santorum is the answer. I
will now be supporting and voting for Mitt Romney.

My primary is in one week.





The Tapes of Breitbart

“A government must govern, must prescribe and enforce laws within its sphere or cease to be a government. Moreover, the individual must be independent and free within his own sphere or cease to be an individual. The fundamental question … is now, and always will be through what adjustments, by what actions, these principles may be applied.”  
       Last night we were exposed to the tapes that Andrew Breitbart saved to “VetThePrez” as he called it. The first thoughts that came to me were things like “This tape did not prove a thing” or “I’m lost, I thought this was supposed to ruin the President.”   As was stated, “this would not be a smoking gun, it is the first in a series.”
        I have had a night and day to marinate on it, and get opinions on what the videos represented. Now I seem to think of it from an entirely different viewpoint. What I see is President Obama supporting and promoting another one of his radical friends. Someone who he looked up to as an idol, and who’s teachings and advice helped mold Barack Obama into the man he currently is.
     Why is this important? Well, this is important for a plethora of reasons. First, if the list of radicals that President Obama surrounds himself with isn’t long enough already, here is another person to add to the list. Obviously I can’t say for certain but I’m sure in more of Andrew Breitbart’s tapes we will be revealed to more radical persons that Barack Obama held so highly in his life.  Some of the current radicals Obama looks up to:  Jeremiah Wright, David Axelrod, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, Bernardine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, etc… There are many more, those are just the first couple that came to mind. Now we can add Derrick Bell to that list.
       “My life is a living manifestation of taking no sh*t”, said Bell.  Who is Derrick Bell? He is a professor at Harvard Law School. He threatened Harvard Law that he would resign is they did not hire more african-american men and women at the school. Derrick Bell believed in Critical Race Theory, which blames white people for everyone else’s ills
       “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”  I am not sure who said this quote but it is something I have always kept close.  I believe it is so very true.  The people you surround yourself with influence you and help develop and mold you into the person you are.  That being said, with Obama surrounding himself with such radical figures his whole life, and idolizing these people just shows where his true beliefs are held.  He does hold much more radical beliefs than we are exposed to, but he slowly is getting more left and more left, and 4 more years would be detrimental to The United States.
       I am patiently waiting for what Andrew Breitbart has for us soon to come.  We need to gather around 1 candidate and assure that Obama is a one term president.


A Message from Rick Santorum

A Quick Trio

“It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”
~ George Washington

I just wanted to express 3 things that have been on my mind as of late.

1) Church and State
First, what President Obama is doing to our freedom of religion is atrocious.  Even considering the fact of forcing the Catholic Church to provide and pay for something that it stands so strong against, is chilling.  This completely kills the Constitution, but really does anyone really think Obama cares about the Constitution?  Probably not, so there is no point in even pointing that out.

Then to go after Rick Santorum for his beliefs, because of a video of him 4 years ago, in a Catholic church, to Catholics?  This president and his administration are just plain unconstitutional.

2) Newt and Santorum

I don’t know why Romney and Ron were teaming up on Santorum this past debate, but late speculations say Romney is going to ask Rand Paul to run for VP.  What a joke!  I have always had Mitt Romney as a backup candidate, and thought he’d make a good president and would beat Barack Obama, just not the most conservative.  Now I am just disgusted by the things he does.  I understand that in the primaries anything goes, but pouring millions into attack ads, and making side deals to get Ron Paul’s votes is just ridiculous.  Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are so far away from one another on most issues.  I guess it isn’t a real surprise, I’ve noticed, and many have, that they have been civil to one another from the beginning.
Initially I liked Newt,  I liked his aggressiveness and his ability to debate with facts.  Then it seemed he took the road of not caring whether he won or not, just as long as Romney didn’t, and it showed with terrible finishes in 3 straight primaries/caucuses.  I especially hated that he attacked Romney on Bain, I think that was a direct attack on Capitalism, and that’s a foundation of conservatism.   Now I believe Newt is back to the Newt he was a few months ago, when he won South Carolina.

Everyone is aware I think Rick Santorum would be the best choice for this country.

Lately, after Mitt Romney has been in bed with Ron Paul, and seems Romney has taken the negative ad route on Santorum.  This negative ad game is just dumb, plain stupid.  I’m tired of it.  Stick to your beliefs and your issues and how you would do the complete opposite of President Obama.  Stop attacking one another because it is doing nothing for this party.

I still fully believe all 3 would be 100% better than out current president, but I think I am falling off of the “kind of like” Romney train.  I like Rick’s latest surge in the polls and I think it will last, I think Americans are tired of the name calling and like Rick sticking to the issues.  I do like Newt Gingrich’s last performance in the debate, he stuck to the issues and his beliefs and I’m starting get back to my Newt soft spot.

3)Oil, Oil, Oil

Re-hashing from my last post a bit.  Yesterday Barack Obama delivered a speech about gas prices.  He and his administration to no blame for the increasing gas prices. Surprised?  He then went on to take credit for his increasing efforts with domestic drilling.

After declining the Keystone XL Pipeline, refusing to let us drill on shore, and refusing to let us drill off shore he takes credit for what?

I don’t know what is going through this President’s mind, but it is not in the best interest of this country.  We need to remove him from office and get this country back working again, and reduce our dependency on foreign oil.  Especially with all of the nonsense happening over there, now is as good a time as ever to drill here, and get this Keystone Pipeline in America.


President Obama hates progress…

President Obama hates progress…

February 19, 2012
President Obama, can you please do something good in your one and
ONLY term???
I know I am a tad late on blogging about this. Rehashing the
thoughts, it bothers me that the President would rather appeal to the
crazy, global-warming-believing environmentalists, than help our
Not only would the Keystone Pipeline create thousands upon
thousands of jobs for Americans, it would lower oil and gas prices
which seem to be racing to the sky with no ceiling in sight.
It’s not only Republicans who think approving the Keystone Pipeline
would be a great idea. The liberal labor unions know that it would create
jobs and give them more work. So why is Mr. President not listening
to anyone???
Republican Ed Whitfield states:
“I wish more people would have read the administration’s own final
environmental impact study. It found that not building the Keystone XL pipeline would lead to more oil being transported by riskier means, such as tankers, trains and trucks.”
Who knows? Does he listen to anyone? NO.
He makes promises to the people, never follows through, and then has the
audacity to play the blame game.
Well, I’ve had enough of a president who could be put lower
on the “most failed presidencies of all-time” list than Jimmy Carter, who
was an absolute embarrassment.

Hope and Change

Hope and Change

February 17, 2012
Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have” ~ Ronald Reagan
There aren’t any surprises that the upcoming election is a must win for the GOP.  What Barack Obama has done (or lacked doing) in his 3+ years so far is astonishing.  As Conservatives we need to spread the word and get our friends and family active in this upcoming election.
We cannot allow the Democrats, their scare tactics, and their love of name-calling slow us down.
I can’t tell you how many people I run into in a day that say, “None of the candidates can beat Obama, just get ready to embrace it.”
When I ask them why, I receive the same responses almost every time.
“Santorum is a racist; he doesn’t care about black people.  Santorum is homophobic and thinks that bestiality is the same as gay marriage.  Santorum is a bigot.  Santorum wants to turn everyone in this country religious.”
“Mitt Romney wants to turn our healthcare system into Obama care or his version of socialized medicine.  Mitt Romney is too rich and only wants to help others who have money like him.  We need a leader of our country, not a man who is trying to be CEO.”
“Newt Gingrich is an arrogant ass; I can’t believe anyone would want him to head our country.  Newt Gingrich described Paul Ryan’s plan as ‘social right engineering.’
“Ron Paul wants to cut financial aid, in turn would prevent many kids from attending college.  Ron Paul wants to eliminate soldiers overseas which would impact the safety of the US.”
Those are just a few of the common responses I get from people who say that Barack Obama will win this election.
Personally, I like Rick Santorum for our presidential nominee, but I do believe that any of the four choices would be astronomically better than President Obama.
Rick Santorum – It pisses me off when liberals make silly claims that Santorum is a racist, is homophobic, is a bigot, or religious freak.
1) The stance of getting Americans off of welfare and less dependent on government help is the furthest thing from racism.  Personally, if you want to name call, the folks calling us racists are assuming that those Americans are helpless and cannot take care of themselves. No matter what minority, I think that is racism.  Being independent and being able to support yourself by your own wages is one of the prominent characteristics that perceives one as an American.  True, it will leave behind the people who refuse to do anything with their lives. But to say that we don’t care about the poor is just utterly ridiculous.  If you choose not to make anything of your life, that is solely your own choice, no one else’s!  Take responsibility for yourself.
2) Believing in the definition of marriage as “The union of 1 man and 1 woman” and being labeled as homophobic is anything but the truth.  Not once have I ever heard/seen/witnessed a fellow conservative saying or doing anything that could be remotely considered homophobic.  (now don’t get me wrong, of course there are those immature and disgusting few that will prove me wrong here, but I’m talking the majority of Common Sense Conservatives.)  Ever since our establishment as a country, we have always taken the value of marriage, between 1 man and 1 woman, very seriously.  There is no hatred for the gay community in any way shape or form. The belief that the union of 1 man and 1 woman is the definition of marriage we have held in this country since the beginning of our existence.
3) The 1st amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion or impeding the free exercise of religion.  The constitution gives us the right to do so.  Rick Santorum is not trying to convert our country to any religion.  In no way, shape, or form has he ever mentioned that that is what he was planning to do.  He is a religious man, practicing his faith defines his character and his morals; it certainly does not tell him how to run a country.
Mitt Romney – Mitt Romney is not going to turn this country’s healthcare system to Obama care.It is ridiculous to think so.  Mitt Romney has clearly stated that what he did for Massachusetts worked for Massachusetts, but for America he proposes a different plan which is NOT Obama care.  To even mention anything about Mitt Romney’s fortune is ridiculous and mentioning Bain Capital is going against capitalism.  Romney did not earn his fortune in any lobbying ways.  He earned it as an investor, meaning that he invested his own money to help a company get back on track and, in turn, making a profit.  A majority of these companies turned around and made it; some didn’t.  Fact is Mitt Romney would be a great president, and probably has the best shot of beating Barack Obama.
Newt Gingrich – I am a fan of Newt’s ability to speak and persuade people quite successfully. However, I stopped liking Newt Gingrich when he attacked Mitt Romney on Bain Capital, I thought that it was a huge mistake and I believe that is where his campaign ends.  I feel that right now he no longer wishes to become president; instead he just wants to prevent Romney from succeeding.
Ron Paul – I think Dr. Paul, has some very good conservative views, but then I also think he has some very dangerous ones.  I don’t like his view on pulling our troops out from around the world in order to spend the money securing our borders and shorelines.  I do believe we’re better off in some other countries, but are wanted in others as well. So, make the world safer for us and our allies.  I also disagree with pulling financial aid to college students.  I think the majority of us cannot readily afford to go to college, or we cannot handle college and a full-time job at the same time. Financial aid helps with this.
Our main objective this November will be removing Barack Obama from the presidency and his multiple failed attempts at balancing the budget, lowering unemployment, creating jobs, etc….  And putting in a candidate who will take action and put our country on the right path to solvency, off of government dependency, and back to work!
In my state of Wisconsin, Governor Walker has done a tremendous job at achieving all of these. We are in a surplus, unemployment is steadily decreasing, and Wisconsin is creating more jobs than ever. This is what the next President of the United States needs to achieve.